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Google Connector


Access Your Google Account Directly From The MFP

As a leader in the cloud e-mail service market, Google responds to the increased mobility of today's workforce to quickly retrieve their information when and where it is needed. With Google Connector, Kyocera brings this essential capability to the MFP.

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Kyocera's Google Connector is a business application that enables end users to access their Gmail and Google Calendars. Users have the ability to view and print their e-mails as well as print and send attachments. Kyocera's Google Connector also enables a user to print out monthly calendars including events.


Kyocera is a leader in leveraging new technologies as they relate to its customers' evolving document workflow needs. Google Connector is one more way we are transcending the traditional role of the MFP, to reflect the ability for integrated workflow in the devices and services you use every day.

View and print e-mails by browsing through your Inbox and other folders.

Search through your mailboxes by keywords

Print PDF attachments that you receive from e-mails.

Compose e-mails and attach scanned documents

Google Calendars

Print out a range of monthly Calendars with some options:
Print blank Calendars
Select from your list of Google Calendars to include events

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